Solar Projects

Taylor Creek Solar site located in Osceola County, Florida Taylor Creek Solar site located in Osceola County, Florida

FRP constructs, operates and maintains solar sites for customers seeking cost-effective, safe and reliable solutions for their clean energy goals. As part of the NextEra Energy family, we leverage the experience and a vast network of industry experts to create clean, zero-fuel energy straight from the sun.

Battery Storage

Battery energy storage units on a gravel grounds

FRP helps maximize clean-energy generation with the development of battery storage. This innovative technology allows customers to use solar energy even when the sun isn’t shining at night or during inclement weather.

Fleet Electrification

The future of transportation is electric, and FRP is committed to accelerating the transition to sustainable, low-carbon and zero-emission fleet electrification. FRP services include the planning, installation and management of charging infrastructure, interconnection and site upgrades, as well as demand charge and fleet management software.


We have a fundamental responsibility to look over the horizon to ensure it can meet customer demand today and in the future. With the addition of clean hydrogen to our sustainable portfolio, we expect this innovative technology to be another asset in reducing our carbon footprint by providing reliable, emissions-free energy.