Florida Solar Projects in Operation


Large-scale solar installations are the fastest and most cost-effective way to bring solar energy to more Floridians and now we are adding even more solar. There are currently two FRP solar sites in operation throughout Florida.

Solar panels

Harmony Solar

The Harmony Solar site in Orange County is a 74.5 MW facility that opened in 2020.

Arial view of solar panels in a green field

Taylor Creek Solar

The Taylor Creek Solar site in Osceola County is a 74.5 MW facility that opened in 2020.

Solar Site Characteristics


FRP solar site projects are typically 74.5 megawatts (MW). They produce enough clean, emissions-free energy to power 15,000 homes while reducing emissions equivalent to taking about 14,000 gasoline-dependent cars off the road annually. Check out these other key features of our solar energy centers:




No louder than the ambient noise of the neighborhood*




Zero carbon emissions



Environmentally Friendly

Protects land, water, and wildlife




Generates air and water quality benefits




Site status and performance monitored 24/7




Good Investment

Adds to county tax base, creates jobs, and generates economic benefits for the community



Virtually Invisible

Panels sit low to the ground and are often hidden from view behind trees and shrubs



Great Neighbors

No water or fuel required, no lights at night, no increase to traffic, and no property value impacts

*Based on noise levels at a distance of 150 feet from the inverters - closer than a typical site setback.